Practice Areas

Solving Your Legal Problems

I represent clients throughout Sanford and all communities in Seminole County and Volusia County in these and other legal matters:

Probate Administration

I help personal representatives to settle their loved ones' estates by advising them on the payment debts and distributing property and money, according to the deceased person's will. If there is no will, I help them to fulfill their obligations to the estate according to a legal process in probate court.

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Estate Planning

I help clients of all ages and occupations to prepare for the future. I do this by drafting, reviewing and defending important planning documents, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives, living wills and other documents.

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A will is a legal document that expresses how a person would like their assets distributed following their death. It addresses your home, your investments and personal items and allows for the naming of a guardian for your children. It is important to comply with the state of Florida regulations in the making of a will. Let me assist you with executing this document according to state law.



A living trust is a fiduciary arrangement that allows a trustee to distribute assets to beneficiaries following the passing of a descendent, without passing through probate in a court of law. I can assist you with a revocable or irrevocable trust, to achieve your goals, as part of your estate plan. Plan for your future today.


Power of Attorney

A Florida Power of Attorney is written authorization for one person to act on behalf of another, in financial and business transactions. This document is essential if you are unable to handle your affaire due to physical disability or mental incapacity. I can provide you with counsel and draft a Power of Attorney as part of your estate plan.


Health Care Surrogate

Executing a Health Care Surrogate or a Living Will is a proactive step, to provide clarity regarding your wishes for future health care. When you are physically or mentally unable to voice your decisions, these documents can speak for you. As an estate planning attorney, I can assist you with documenting your wishes in a comprehensive estate plan.


Special Education Law

A child with special needs requires a strong advocate on their side. If you have a special needs child and the education system is failing to provide adequate assistance for their disability, I can make a strong case to make sure they get the proper help. As an experienced special education attorney, your child’s unique needs are my focus. Representing children in Primary and Secondary Schools.

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The landlord-tenant relationship is governed under state law, with or without a lease agreement. Landlords and tenants have certain rights and responsibilities as specified in Florida statutes. A written or oral rental agreement is a legal contract. I can provide sound legal advice that will minimize your risk for disputes and lawsuits.