What Is Probate?

When people die in Florida, their money and property must be transferred according to a probate process.

If a deceased person has a will at the time of death, those assets are distributed to people, organizations and other entities, according to the terms of the will and the oversight of a probate court. If that person never made a will, then the State of Florida must determine how the assets are to be distributed.

I am Carsandra D. Buie, a Sanford probate administration attorney serving clients in Brevard, Seminole and Volusia County, Florida. I advise personal representatives (executors) in estate administration matters so they can settle the business of the probate estate, including paying all debts, taxes, and distributing money and assets to eligible heirs and beneficiaries.

I also help surviving spouses, siblings, adult children, and other heirs and beneficiaries of the deceased to protect their rights and obtain the assets and property they are due.

How Long Will Probate Take?

In the best circumstances, your loved one’s estate will be resolved in as little as six month through a “summary” probate process. If an heir, beneficiary or creditor contests the estate distribution in court, a “formal” probate process is required that might take from one to two years to complete.

Either way, I can advise, represent and guide you through the probate process.

Probate Is Complicated | Let Me Take This Weight Off Your Shoulders

Many of my clients must complete the probate process while grieving a lost husband, wife, parent, child or other relative. I understand how hard this can be. A highly complicated legal process is the last thing you may want to deal with.

Unfortunately, probate is highly complicated, high-stakes process. What happens during the probate process could set the tone of your life for many years to come. Because of this, many grieving people retain attorneys to serve as their probate representatives. This is almost always a good idea, because a good probate attorney can approach the legal issues with a clear head and with the benefit of extensive legal knowledge.

As your probate administration lawyer, I will explain the complexities to you in simple terms and guide you past the legal obstacles that may be in your way to successfully probating your loved one’s estate. You can trust me to competently shoulder your legal burden during this trying time.

The Sooner You Call Me, The Sooner You Can Put This All Behind You

Please remember that after a loved one’s death, a legal clock begins ticking. If your loved one has died, an experienced probate lawyer can help you meet the deadlines and follow all of the procedures of the probate process. Quick action in your probate matter can save your family time, money and legal hassles, and leave you more time to take care of yourself and the people who need you.

For more information, contact me, Carsandra D. Buie, in Sanford, Florida, at 800-219-3297 toll free. I will be happy to discuss your circumstances and options during an initial consultation in my office.